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In this process, one of the main makers of leather and PVC steering wheel cover leading and school bus safety regulations and other policies as our bus, Yutong Bus will undoubtedly become a school bus needs to release the biggest beneficiaries. It is understood that, as early as 2005, Yutong concentrated capable technical force to conduct preliminary research and development of the school bus, student transportation security solutions, most fully in the school bus technology, product reserves.

In fact, it has benefited from a substantial increase in sales of school buses, Yutong sales in January to February school bus 1856, accounting for 27.4 percent of passenger car sales. Compared to other bus companies in the school car market share for two consecutive months stabilized at more than 40%.

Whole new generation of MAGOTAN in appearance compared with the older models there is a huge difference. The former has a sharp face, the whole front end resembles the Phaeton, headlights and just before the listing of the new Passat there are a bit similar. Lateral xenon headlights arranged around 15 LED daytime running lights, plus a lot of added chrome, fully meet the current consumer demand for new cars luxury styling and fashion sense.

   Mainstream products on the market today are intelligent, function as the trend, Mai Sika according to the characteristics of the Internet, nothing Nothing, developed consisting of three technical riders Internet, become the first only floor 3G vehicles networking services open platform operator.

   To do this dare, dare, the courage to break the spirit, not only do the original car DVD navigation function on the basis of the upgrade, more new features to support and closely related to daily life, social, entertainment, traffic, truly enter into the "people, vehicle, life," a combination of car networking era.

   Is not only a technical upgrade in the selection of the most popular piano paint, distinguished atmosphere, smooth the appearance of the combination of a 7-inch high-definition digital LCD screen, 800 * 480 resolution, 32 colors, to bring consumers the visual impact.

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