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In accordance with the design of the prototype, the clockwise vibration that the right turn, and vice versa is to turn left. Systems are still developing new China car seat cover Suppliers car cover for salefeatures, such as to inform road to let motorists know whether there are other cars in the vehicle blind spots.The steering wheel system for testing and research, Carnegie Mellon University and AT & T researchers found that its benefits are clear, and that is the driver's attention more focused. Especially when the steering wheel of the 25-year-old young drivers, distracted the probability is decreased by about 3.1%.    Relevant studies have not been able to prove helpful to elderly drivers over the age of 65, but can only listen to the instructions, with the help of steering wheel vibration, the probability of distracted drivers of this age declined by 4 %.    It is reported that the AT & T plans are not limited to manufacturing a steering wheel, they want to create a full range of automotive systems, so the car can be more intelligent driving. Perhaps this system will also reject a call while driving the new features. When the phone sensor to the car during the move, immediately blocking calls or SMS, and some technology can also sense and distinguish between driving or passengers on the phone. Summer, more and more riders are beginning to buy tachograph needs. However, as vehicle electronic equipment to adapt to the hot environment in summer tachograph products, which particular elements to pay attention to it     Data show that: the direct sunlight in summer, the car surface temperature can easily go beyond 85 ° C.  
The tachograph special placement, its withstand the high temperature is almost the first. Once there is the tachograph example of melting under the sun exposure, the news of the of tachograph battery exploded at a high temperature from time to time there are heard. To high temperature, the tachograph surface material and the use of materials is very important!    Ling degree of DM-100 tachograph by the first high-end of the Chinese - "Ling" technology is introduced, the whole body with a mirror-drawing process, combined with the frame plating process, to protect not distort in the summer high temperature environment. Ling degree of DM-100 each are made of high-quality batteries and capacitors, before the factory over 72 hours of high-temperature aging test to ensure that experienced harsh vehicular environment.  The driving recorder as a high-end, Ling DM-100 related functions favorably, CMOS500 Wan low-light high-sensitivity lens, the effective sensitivity of 0.3Lux level, more realistic picture clarity. 1080P HD video recording. Ling degree of DM-100 abandons the usual H.264 video coding, the use car dvd player and in car dvd player of higher resolution M-JPEG video encoding format, the recording of rival home-DV.Ling DM-100 also built-in 3D acceleration sensor system, the machine is running automatically senses the body in any direction on the accident, and automatically lock the 60s images are recorded before and after the collision occurred. Locked record can not be deleted directly on the machine, comprehensive protection for the traffic evidence.
Review: Summer is high season for tachograph fault the cottage there is no quality assurance products or inferior products can not be qualified for the demanding environment of high temperature, Ling degree of DM-100 as a brand of authentic, the amount of their quality and strict quality assurance, enough to Let the consumer confidence. In particular, this product is more on Taobao Majesty Official Guide Shop 288 yuan of special promotions, in need of shoes grasp snapped

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