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In addition to soft cover binding, usingthe Fastback 9 binding machine and the Fastback Hardcover Guide you cancreate professional-quality hard cover books easily and inexpensively -in less than a minute. Powis Parker Fastback hard cover cases areavailable in a wide range of sizes, colors and finishes. And, with theaddition of a Foilfast. printer, you can car cover manufacturers apply colorful foil printedtitles and artwork to your covers and spines. Foilfast cartridges areavailable in up to seven great-looking colors allowing you to add atitle, logo or other important information to your hard cover boundbook. In order to bind a Hard cover document with the Fastback 9 you willneed to make sure that you have a LX binding strip, a hard cover case,a pair of endleaves and headbands if you want to add a decorative touchto your book.  
Once you have all of these materials assembled you canbegin the binding process by using your Fastback 9 binding machine tobind the pages of your document with an endleaf on the front and backof your printed pages. You will bind this document just like you bindany standard soft cover document using your machine. Once you havecompleted that step you will ready to add the Hard Cover case. Here aresix simple steps for finishing your hard cover document. . . 1. Measure the bound book block with the Book Width Gauge on the lowerright side of the Hardcover Guide to determine the proper FastbackHardcover width. 2. If you wish, you can add headbands (small cloth strips and the topand bottom edges of the book's spine) for a more professional finishedappearance. However headbands must be attached before the FastbackHardcover is attached. 3. Place an empty Fastback Hardcover, adhesive side up, in theHardcover Guide and clamp in place. The top and right edges of thecover should be under the translucent green stops. If the book width isC or greater, you may use the green plastic inserts to ensure that thebook block does not shift during binding. Remove the narrow releasepaper from the right panel of the Fastback Hardcover, exposing a smallportion of the super-strong binding adhesive that coats the interiorhard covers.
Set your bound book block into place against the Guide's translucentgreen stops and press down to fasten the book block to the narrowadhesive area. Your book block is now evenly positioned within thecover. 5. Carefully lift the right side of the book block and remove the largerelease paper from the right panel of the Fastback Hardcover. Lower thebook block onto the panel and press it against the panel to secure it. 6. Remove the remaining release papers, and bring the left panel of theFastback Hardcover over onto the book block with the top and rightedges of the cover abutting the purple stops. Remove the book fromGuide and rub the endleaves to ensure that they are securely fastened. 7. After your book is bound securely into the Hard Cover case it isthen possible to customize the book using a Foilfast Title Sheet.FoilFast title sheets allow you to use your FoilFast printer tocustomize a composition or suede hard cover with your logo, title,subtitle or other important information.

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